Becoming a Coach or Manager

Coaches & managers are an integral part of our club and each team needs to have a coach and manager.  Whilst it is usually a parent of a child in the team that takes on these roles this isn’t a prerequisite.

Coaching or managing a team can be a rewarding & enjoyable experience, however it does come with some obligations.  Coaches and managers are required to undergo a Working With Children Check (see below) and are required to ensure that they, their team, parents and spectators comply with the club’s policies and codes of behaviour.

Further there is a requirement that each coach complete an accredited coaching course with the Blacktown & Districts Soccer Football Association (BDSFA).  The courses are not arduous and in most cases are completed in one evening.  The particular course that you undertake needs to be appropriate for the age(s) that you intend to coach (e.g. Grassroots for U5-U9).  If you have completed an accredited course for the age group that you intend to coach in the last 2 years then you are not required to undertake the course again.

Managers are not required to undertake any courses.

The club is appreciative of the commitment that coaches & managers make and to assist in you in fulfilling your role we have developed a range of tools & resources which can be found on our resources page.  We also hold an information evening prior to the commencement of the season where we will discuss your roles and responsibilities further and provide you with some additional resources.

During the season we provide ongoing support through regular interactions, both formally and informally and the committee members are always available to provide assistance should it be required

Potential coaches & managers are required to register their interest with the club secretary using the appropriate application form prior to undertaking any accredited coaching course.

   Application to Coach

  Application to Manage

All applications need to be approved by the management committee.

Working With Children
The Riverstone Schofields Junior Soccer Club takes is responsibility to protect our junior members seriously and all coaches and managers are required to undergo a Working With Children Check prior to being appointed to their roles.  This involves a national criminal history check and review of findings of workplace misconduct.  Only those who receive a clearance will be eligible to take up a role of coach or manager.




Note that once your application has been approved and, if required, you have completed the appropriate accredited coaching course it is a requirement of FFA that you register at  There are no registration fees payable to be a coach or a manager.

Coaching Resources
The club has a number of coaching resources available.  To access these resources please visit our Resources page