Firstly we would like to thank you for taking on the role of coach for your child.  We appreciate that many of the coaches and managers are parents who have taken on the role without any previous coaching experience.  To assist in making the coaching experience a little more rewarding both for the coach and the players we have provide the following resources.

Laws of the Game
All coaches should be familiar with the authorised FIFA football rules.  You can access the laws of the game on the FIFA website and either view them online or download them as a PDF.

Small Sided Football
Small Sided Football (also known as MiniRoo) are designed to help kids enjoy themselves whilst learning the basic skills of football.  As the name suggest the games are played with fewer players and on smaller fields.  Research shows that children are more engaged and get more enjoyment from the Small Sided Football than the traditional 11-a-side format.  Small Sided Games focus on the player’s enjoyment and development rather than competing and winning.

The Blacktown & District Soccer Football Association has developed a Small Sided Football Manual which we recommend that you become familiar with.  In addition the Small Sided Football website has some great information for coaches and parents and we would recommend that coaches make the parents aware of the website.

Soccer Drills
Training is an important part of developing the skills of players and coaches should ensure that the training drills not only develop the player’s skills but are also enjoyable.  Young children easily get bored and distracted so training sessions should be flexible and filled with a series of short drills.  There are a number of online resources that coaches can access to assist in making training sessions more enjoyable for players.  These include: