The Riverstone Schofields Junior Soccer Club was founded in 1974 by a group of local parents who identified the need for football to expand in the Riverstone & Schofields area.  These individuals were avid supporters of the Arsenal Football Club in England and as a result the club adopted the “Gunners” canon as the basis for our logo and the red and white as our club colours.

First playing strip (circa 1974)

Back in 1974 the Blacktown & surrounding suburbs were relatively undeveloped and sporting facilities scarce as were sporting associations.  This was especially true for football which was seen as a poor relative to rugby league.  The closest football association was the Nepean District Soccer Football Association and so it was that the club found itself part of the Nepean District Soccer Football Association.  In the early years seasons were kicked off with all club’s participating in a “club march past” or parade and gala day where all the younger players got to participate.

Club Parade in NDSFA (circa 1975)

Being in the Nepean District meant that many games were played up in the mountains and despite being one of the smallest clubs in the association it didn’t take long before the club tasted success in winning competition titles.

1976 U6 Premiership Winners

In 1979 the Blacktown & Districts Soccer Football Association was formed and the club found itself in an awkward position of having to choose between being loyal to the Nepean District Soccer Football Association or moving over to the newly formed association.  The choice ultimately came down to fact that our grounds were under the control of the Blacktown City Council and remaining in the Nepean District Soccer Football Association could lead to the club loosing its home ground.  So it was that in 1979 the club became a member of the Blacktown & Districts Soccer Football Association.

From the club’s inception the ethos has always been to provide the local community of Riverstone & Schofields with an affordable outlet to enjoy the World Game.  Whilst initially football was seen as a male only sport the club has always sought to be an all inclusive club and was one of the first club’s to have an all female team.  The club continues be all inclusive fielding female teams in both the junior and senior competitions.

First Female Team (circa 1977)

In the early days the club was simply known as “Schoies” due to the location of its home ground between St Albans Roads & Station Street Schofields.  More recently the club has been referred to as Riverstone or “Rivo” but to many of the older members of the club will always known as “Schoies” or “The Gunners”.

Whilst the Riverstone & Schofields area has undergone a significant change since the club’s foundation back in 1974 the ethos of the club has remained unchanged – to provide an affordable option for members of the Riverstone and Schofields community to participate in the World Game.  In 2014 the club celebrated 40 years and continues to grow in strength.